Marriage Wellness Workshops
Maintain Marriage Health and Wellness

In our experience, it is extremely helpful to continue to work on our marriage, specifically around things that will improve intimacy and communication, or help with conflict resolution, or to help us better understand each other. There are a variety of topics that could be covered as part of a marriage wellness workshop. We call them marriage tune-ups. Just like a car needs a regular tune-up, doing the same for our marriages helps to avoid bigger issues. We generally conduct marriage wellness workshops in churches, businesses, or nonprofits, but occasionally schedule them in the community. They may take the form of a single session, single topic workshop or a series of workshops focused on a specific topical area. 

For additional information, call 614.902.3032, send an email to Strengthening@ReclaimingWholeness.Life, or fill out the Contact form to start the conversation.

Note: We are NOT licensed counselors and do NOT provide counseling services. Counseling may be another important aspect of marriage health. Our services are NOT intended to replace counseling or medical professionals.
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