Leader Marriage Coaching
Strengthening Marriages to Strengthen Leaders

We work with leaders to strengthen or maintain the health of their marriage so they can focus on leading when at work. We have a special place in our hearts for younger men who want to be better husbands and leaders, especially those who have high potential or who are emerging leaders. We are also well-suited to work with couples who are business co-owners or leaders, whether in the same company or not. We are capable of working with leaders at any level in an organization, but relate most strongly with with Director-level leaders, mid-level managers, frontline managers, and team leaders. We also work with business owners who are sole proprietors, freelancers, or independent contractors. 
The Leader Marriage Coach will help leaders identify and move towards goals for their marriage, and possibly relationships at work. Depending upon the needs and desires of the leader, the coach may also integrate relationship-focused assessments, leadership training, and tools to help enhance effectiveness with staff and teams. Coaching may be with the leader, or the leader and spouse. Leader Marriage Coaching is always goal-oriented and forward moving with the intent of strengthening marriage health, which will have a residual benefit at work. 
  • Possible outcomes for the business from Leader Marriage Coaching include: 
  • Strengthened leadership and faster leadership development 
  • Improved leader and employee performance, as well as team functioning 
  • Increased employee productivity, engagement, motivation, and job satisfaction 
  • Higher employee retention/reduced attrition and turnover 
  • Improved employee relations/reduced unhealthy conflict Improved customer satisfaction 

Leader marriage coaching can be done in-person, by phone, or online using video chat. 

To explore more completely, call 614.902.3032, or send an email to doug@CoachingAbundantLife.com, or fill out the Contact form to start the conversation.

Note: We are NOT licensed counselors and do NOT provide counseling services. Counseling may be another important aspect of marriage health. Our services are NOT intended to replace counseling or medical professionals.
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