The Divorce Pill

Written by Doug Bierl, co-founder of Reclaiming Wholeness, The Divorce Pill provides couples who are considering divorce a glimpse into what divorce could look like. In the book, the main character, Brian Walker, is considering divorce and he finds out about a pill, the "Divorce Pill," that puts him into a 24-hour hallucinogenic state where he vividly sees and experiences what divorce could look like for him and his family. Afterwards, he can decide whether to follow through with his plans or take steps to restore his marriage. 

Although the The Divorce Pill is fiction, the situations are real, based on the experience of the author and others. It is the author's hope that The Divorce Pill will open the eyes of readers to how much divorce might impact their lives, and that it will prompt them to seek the help and resources they need to overcome the challenges they are having in their marriage. Reclaiming Wholeness is one of those resources. 

The Divorce Pill is available as a paperback, e-book, and audio book through Amazon and at other retailers.
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