Let Us Navigate Marriage With You!

Our passion is to help marriages not only survive, but thrive—to live not in a lackluster relationship, but to have a vibrant one! We take a non-traditional, Christ-centered approach to marriage health. Like physical and mental health, marriage health requires consistent intentional effort and positive choices to get and stay healthy. Wholeness is a journey of health and wellness that we are always on in life and in marriage.

Keys To Christ-Centered Health & Wellness

We consider six areas as keys to Christ-centered marriage health and wellness. There are certainly other considerations, but in our experience, these are among the most important. We work with couples to understand these areas and work on those that aren't present or that could be strengthened. 
  1. Setting The Foundation. Fully committing to each other; putting Jesus at center of marriage; praying in agreement with each other. 
  2. Tending To Each Other. Loving, nourishing, and cherishing. 
  3. Aligning With Each Other. Removing variance in thoughts, words, and actions. Eliminating strife (overt conflict). 
  4. Fighting For Your Marriage. Recognizing that your spouse is not your enemy; battling for each other spiritually; identifying and addressing the underlying cause of issues. 
  5. Being Vigilant. Standing on the authority given by Jesus; removing undercurrents of vows, agreements, lies, harsh words, and contempt; handling issues when they come up; forgiving and asking for forgiveness; listening from the heart; being a student of your spouse. 
  6. Investing In Your Marriage. Being intentional about spending time together; getting away, attending marriage programs or retreats; engaging a marriage mentor; scheduling routine sessions with a marriage coach and/or counselor.

How We Work With You

Most of our work is done couple-to-couple, although we may meet with a husband and wife separately at times. We are Marriage Navigators, helping couples navigate their journey towards wholeness in marriage through its ups and downs, including: separation, reconciliation, divorce, being single again after marriage, remarriage, blending families, undiagnosed alcoholism, betrayal through infidelity, struggles with pornography, depression and suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt by a child, death of a child (as an adult), estranged relationship with a child, emotional and verbal abuse, and other "baggage" from a previous marriage. 

We usually journey for a short period of time, sometimes longer, and also intermittently as needed or desired. We employ various approaches, including marriage coaching, marriage mentoring, freedom coaching, guided inner-healing prayer, and relationship assessments as part of helping couples navigate married life. 
We consider it an honor and privilege to journey with you, so rest assured that we hold all of our contact with you as highly confidential. In fact, no one will know we are working with you, unless you tell them or give us permission to share a testimonial. Even so, nobody will ever know the details of what we do together, except you and us. 

IT ALL STARTS WITH A CONVERSATION. The work we do is highly individualized and starts with a conversation. During our first no-cost, no obligation confidential conversation, we meet with the two of you to hear your story and understand your situation. We share our story and describe our approach. From this initial meeting, we see if what we do is a good fit for you and whether you are comfortable proceeding. 
THEN, TOGETHER WE WORK YOUR PLAN. Once you decide to engage with us, in most cases, we will start by asking the husband and wife to independently complete our 10-point Marriage Wellness Check-up so that we have a snapshot of their perception of the current state of their marriage. We'll also ask them each to independently complete a Marriage Goals Worksheet so that each can describe what he/she would like out of the relationship and what they see as standing in the way. These tools are a launching point for our first session with a couple. The plan and what happens after that is often dependent upon what is discussed during that first session. We start wherever you are today in your marriage relationship and we work with you to help you move to where you want to be in the future.  

Based on the goals identified by the couple, there are three general components to every plan: 
  1. Identify what’s standing in the way of the relationship being all you desire it to be 
  2. Uncover the underlying root cause of what you are experiencing 
  3. Invite Jesus in to remove the root and replace it with what Jesus wants for you 

FINALLY, WE HELP YOU KEEP IT GOING! Through ongoing coaching and training, we provide you with tools to handle things when they come up in the future. The specific services we provide fall into five general categories: 

Contact us at 614.902.3032 or info@ReclaimingWholeness.Life to have a conversation and explore any of these services.

Note: We are NOT licensed counselors and do NOT provide counseling services. Counseling may be another important aspect of marriage health. Our services are NOT intended to replace counseling or medical professionals.
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