Marriage Officiating

If you want a Christian wedding between a man and woman, but you don't have a connection with a church, we would be thrilled to journey with you.  We are licensed to perform wedding cermonies in Ohio,  ordained through Christian Harvest Church. We will work with you to create the ceremony that you desire. It doesn't matter whether it is your first marriage, second, or beyond, we will help make the occasion special for you. We can officiate your ceremony as a couple, or you can choose to have a male (Doug) or female (Julaine) marry you. 
If you are a couple who has been married for awhile and want to recommit to each other, we can help with that too! We will work with you to create a special ceremony to celebrate your renewal to each other. 
To explore either of these areas, call 614.902.3032, send an email to info@ReclaimingWholeness.Life, or complete a Contact form.
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