we help leaders to build relational strength

Abundant Life Coaching is the operating unit of Reclaiming Wholeness LLC that provides services to businesses and nonprofits. Relationships are at the core of every organization. Healthy relationships create a better and more productive environment at work, while unhealthy relationships can create a host of challenges, often interfering with productivity. In addition, what happens at home impacts work, and what happens at work impacts home life. The health and productivity of employees is significantly influenced by the health of their marriage (or other significant relationship).

We believe that if leadership development only addresses the work side of relationships, it falls short of helping leaders to be their overall best and it doesn’t fully optimize their influence as a leader. We help leaders and their teams to build relational strength by identifying and removing barriers to healthy relationships at work and in marriage, and by providing tools to help improve relationships. We leverage and apply what works in healthy marriages, to help leaders be their all-around best. We do this in three primary ways:

We are also available for speaking engagements to share the importance of building relationship strength among leaders, as well as the interplay between marriage and leadership. We can also speak on specific topics listed on the Employee Relational Wellness page.

To explore more completely, call 614.902.3032, or send an email to, or fill out the Contact Us form to start the conversation.

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