Let Us Navigate Marriage With You!

Our passion is to help marriages not only survive, but thrive—to live not in a lackluster relationship, but to have a vibrant one! We take a non-traditional, Christ-centered approach to marriage health and wellness. Like physical and mental health, marriage health requires consistent intentional effort and positive choices to get and stay healthy. Wholeness is a journey of health and wellness that we are always on in life and in marriage.

We consider it an honor and privilege to journey with you, so rest assured that we hold all of our contact with you as highly confidential. In fact, no one will know we are working with you, unless you tell them or give us permission to share a testimonial. Even so, nobody will ever know the details of what we do together, except you and us.

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Marriage Coaching

Meet with Doug and Julaine couple-to-couple to set and move towards your marriage goals.

Premarital Coaching & Wedding Officiating

Lay the groundwork for a healthy marriage long after the wedding day.

Marriage Events

Draw closer to each other and to Jesus through a marriage program.

Marriage Coaching

Whether in a first or subsequent marriage, we work with married couples to help strengthen or restore marriage health. Many of us expect that we should be able to deal with whatever comes up in life and marriage without the help of anyone else. Sometimes we can, but often it helps to have someone to talk with who cares and who can remain objective.

Marriage Coaching is an effective preventative, maintenance, or reparative approach for married couples. Coaching is future-focused and goal-oriented. We work with a couple to identify their goals for the marriage relationship, consider their current situation, and identify what could be standing in the way of achieving their goals. We help couples develop a plan and journey with them for a period of time to move towards their goals, addressing what’s standing in the way of marriage health.

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Our Journey with You

We Will Help You:

  • Overcome current marital challenges and equip you to handle future challenges
  • Have a more fulfilling marriage
  • Feel close to your spouse again

And, you will move from feeling hopeless about your marriage to being excited about your future together

Premarital Coaching & Wedding Officiating

Premarital Coaching

We help engaged couples tie the knot and keep it tied! We journey with them for a short time to prepare them for marriage, building a solid foundation from the start. The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies to marriage health as much as it does to physical health. We’d like to help couples avoid issues where possible, or work with couples to keep the issues from creating a significant problem.

Wedding Officiating

And, if the couple isn’t connected with a church, but wants a Christian wedding, we are licensed to officiate weddings in the state of Ohio.

Marriage Events & Resources

Marriage Events

In our experience, it is extremely helpful to continue to work on the marriage relationship, specifically around things that will improve intimacy and communication, or help with conflict resolution, or help better understand each other. Keeping marriages strong takes intentional effort and an investment of time, and sometimes money. There are several organizations that hold marriage events throughout the country, which you can see on our Resources page.

We occasionally conduct marriage workshops in churches or other organizations, or in the community. They may take the form of a single session, single topic workshop or a series of workshops focused on a specific topical area. When we schedule them, we will post registration information here, so check back often, or you can send an email to Doug.

Marriage Resources

We want to make sure you have access to resources that will help you in various ways. Doug has written two books for married couples. His first book, The Divorce Pill is a book for those who may be thinking about divorce (or knows someone who is) to provide a glimpse into what divorce could look like as a part of informing their decision. Doug’s second book, Faith in Marriage, provides a guide for living a Christ-centered marriage. A more detailed description for these books can be found on the Resources page.

Visit our Resources page for a list and links of books, programs and events, and organizations that may meet a need you have.

Meet Your Marriage Navigators

Doug and Julaine Bierl are co-founders of Reclaiming Wholeness and your Marriage Navigators. They help married (and engaged) couples navigate the ups and downs of marriage. When working with individuals and couples, the Bierls employ various approaches, including marriage coaching, marriage mentoring, guided prayer, experientials to uncover emotional wounds, and relationship assessments.

Julaine is a retired teacher and Doug is a retired marketer. While their careers have nothing to do with their role as Marriage Navigators, they have learned many things about relationships, received training, and acquired tools along their marriage journey that they share with couples. Both of them are trained caregivers for Formational Prayer (inner-healing prayer), certified marriage mentors, and are certified to guide couples through SYMBIS and Prepare/Enrich relationship assessments. The Bierls are also licensed in Ohio to perform marriage ceremonies, as well as recommitment and vow renewals. Doug is a certified professional coach as well. All this experience (and more) is used as Doug and Julaine help couples build, strengthen, or restore the health of their marriage.

Doug and Julaine Bierl
Co-Founders and Your Marriage Navigators

Note: We are NOT licensed counselors and do NOT provide counseling services. Counseling may be another important aspect of marriage health. Our services are NOT intended to replace counseling or medical professionals.