Support for Employee Relational Wellness


consider investing in marriages of employees

Because of the impact that marriage (and other significant relationships) has on productivity at work, some employers are willing to invest in the relational health and wellness of their employees and spouses. We will meet with those employers in-person or by phone to determine services most appropriate for their employees. We offer two primary services: 

Marriage Coaching
We provide marriage coaching for the employee and spouse with the intent to help them reach the goals they set out for their marriage. Ideally, this coaching is done in-person with the couple, but sometimes there is added value in coaching for the husband and wife individually, as well. In cases where meeting in-person is not feasible, online video can be used for the coaching sessions. The approach used will be discussed and mutually agreed upon. We recommend an initial six month coaching engagement, meeting twice a month for 60 minutes. We typically start with a relationship assessment, such as Prepare/Enrich, to help identify areas of strength and growth for the marriage relationship. The desire and need for additional coaching would be determined at the end of the initial engagement.

Marriage Workshops
We are available to conduct lunch ‘n learns for employees on specific topics, as well as more in-depth workshops for employees and spouses in the evening or over the weekend. We can also speak and conduct workshops at company meetings, award/recognition trips, or Board meetings where spouses are included. We work with the employer to determine the desired topic and format for the employees, as well as the level of sponsorship. Speaking and workshop topics include:

  • Relationship dynamics
  • Understanding each other
  • To love, respect and cherish each other
  • Healthy communication and conflict
  • Managing expectations

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