Keys to Marriage Health and Wellness

Through our experience, we’ve identified six keys to Christ-centered marriage health and wellness. There are certainly other considerations, but in our experience, these are among the most important. The summary below captures the essence of what we believe each key represents. 

  • Setting the Foundation (100% commitment; Jesus at the center; praying together in agreement)
  • Tending to Each Other (love, nourish, cherish)
  • Aligning with each other (avoid negative thoughts, words, actions, and reduce conflict)
  • Fighting for Your Marriage (recognize the underlying source of “attack”; don’t give room for division; use God’s Word to address the issue)
  • Being Vigilant (standing on authority of Jesus; remove undercurrents of vows, agreements, lies, harsh words, contempt, etc.; handle issues when they come up; forgiveness; listen from the heart; be a student of your spouse)
  • Investing in Your Marriage (spend time alone with each other; set relationship goals; attend marriage programs/retreats; marriage coaching; marriage mentoring; preventive marriage counseling)

We will address each of these keys over time through this blog, although we may not always refer to the key itself. While some of them may be apparent, others may require more explanation and ultimately experience with them. So, contact us if you can’t wait or want to explore them more in-depth.