Why Healthy Marriage Matters?

The title of this blog, “Healthy Marriage Matters,” has a dual meaning. Healthy marriages matter. Marriages are important. A man and woman come together sexually in marriage to create children, which creates a family unit. (We realize that children aren’t always created within the context of marriage and that there are other types of family units these days, but that’s the way it started and that’s our experience, so that’s the perspective we will take in this blog.) The family unit is the basis for a community, which is the basis for towns, cities, states, and nations. 

Things are generally better when family units are intact and strong. When marriages struggle, families suffer, which impacts not only family members, but also friends, co-workers, neighbors, and others connected with the family. When a marriage is on the brink of divorce or when a couple goes through divorce, and even in the aftermath of divorce, other people, organizations, and governing bodies spend time, money, and other resources to address the situation. Keeping marriages healthy improves well-being of those involved and others around them, improves productivity, and reduces utilization of resources (people, time, materials, money, etc).

Keeping marriages healthy matters!

The other meaning of “Healthy Marriages Matter” is that there are many facets of healthy marriages. There are many topics, or “matters,” that will be covered over time in this blog. We will share tips, tools, and approaches that can be applied to maintain or strengthen marriage health. These matters are what we’ve learned and used over the years in our marriage. They work for us and we hope they will work for you!

It is our hope through this blog that you will be reminded of the importance of keeping a marriage healthy and you will apply some of what you read in your marriage. We are glad you choose to spend some time with us!

Doug and Julaine Bierl
Co-Founders and Marriage Navigators