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We give our time, effort, and energy to many things. How much is reserved for your spouse? (Click on the title to read more.) 

I spent much of my career in a client services role, which means that I was in regular communication with them and did my best to address their needs through the products and services we offered, even pointing them to other resources when appropriate. I listened to and paid attention to them. My job and my employer’s revenue depended on my team and me delivering to meet the clients’ needs, so I made them a priority. I knew there was a “reward” for my effort when we reached our goals.

During those years, Julaine would occasionally (or often) tell me that she wished I treated her like a client. Sometimes that comment irritated me and other times I would get her point that I was paying attention to my clients more than her. My priorities were out of whack and if I wanted my marriage to stay intact, I needed to make a change.

Does Your Spouse Get Your Best?

Often times, our spouses get leftovers of our time, attention, and energy. It’s easier to see the results of our efforts at work than it is in our marriage relationship, although we can definitely see and feel the effects when we don’t prioritize our marriage. God’s priority for marriage is above everything else, but our relationship with him (see Genesis 2:24).

If you are not giving your best to your spouse, what adjustments can you make to reset?

Consider setting aside 10 minutes a day to give your spouse your undivided attention to talk. Block your calendar each week (or multiple times per week) to spend time together, whether it’s going on a date, sharing a meal, talking, playing games, having sex, or doing something else you enjoy, just to stay connected with each other.

The more you prioritize your marriage, the healthier it will be, the happier you will both be, and the more positively it will impact other areas of your life!


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