Leader Marriage Coaching

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building relational strength at work and at home

We work with leaders, and often their teams, to build relational strength. We have a special place in our hearts for younger men who want to be better husbands and leaders, especially those who have high potential or who are emerging leaders. We are capable of working with leaders at any level in an organization, but are most comfortable working with Director-level leaders, mid-level managers, frontline managers, and team leaders. We also work with business owners who are sole proprietors, freelancers, or independent contractors.

The Leader Marriage coach will help leaders move towards goals that they want to achieve as a leader and in their marriage. The framework we typically use is our 7-step “ICE PICK” Relationship Breakthrough Approach.

Investigate to get a complete picture of the current situation and relationship environment, good and bad, including what’s interfering with healthy relationships, possibly through self and 360 assessments

Clarify the vision and direction for what the leader wants to achieve

Evaluate and identify what is or could be standing in the way of achieving the vision

Plan for success by strategizing and creating a personal, team, and/or organizational action plan

Implement the plan, tools and practices identified in step 4

Check progress to optimize implementation. Reinforce, build upon or expand on what’s working well. Reevaluate what is not working and make adjustments to improve outcomes. 

Keep improving and building on what’s working; consider additions for further improvement.

Possible outcomes for the business from leader marriage coaching include:

  • Strengthened leadership and faster leadership development
  • Improved leader and employee performance, as well as team functioning
  • Increased employee productivity, engagement, motivation, and job satisfaction
  • Higher employee retention/reduced attrition and turnover
  • Improved employee relations/reduced unhealthy conflict
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Leader marriage coaching can be done in-person, by phone, or online using video chat.

Peer Group Coaching Option
For leaders who would rather receive coaching in a structured group environment with other leaders, rather than one on one, we offer the option of regularly scheduled peer groups. Each group meets virtually every two weeks for 3 months initially, with expected “field work” in between session. The “ICE PICK” approach is used as the framework for these groups. Visit our Events page for dates and times.

To explore more completely, call 614.902.3032, or send an email to doug@CoachingAbundantLife.com, or fill out the Contact Us form to start the conversation.