Leadership and Ministry Team Coaching

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we help build relational strength for your leaders

Being a pastor, elder, staff, or ministry team leader (paid or volunteer) is often very challenging and lonely, with few (if any) people with which to share dreams and concerns, or to work through challenges, and frustrations. Serving in these roles also frequently strains marriage relationships. A Leader Marriage Coach can be a valuable resource to help the leader define his or her goals and develop plans to move towards the goals, including steps to overcome things that may get in the way of achieving the goals. The work that the Leader Marriage Coach does together with the person (or team) being coached will strengthen relationships between church leaders, among and between team members, with the congregation, and personally in their marriage and family.

We are also certified to train leaders using the Transformational Leadership training platform, which strongly emphasizes the relationship side of leading. By participating in this training, your leaders can be more effective and build stronger relationships with others on your team, within the congregation, and in their families.

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