Training Leaders to Lead from Relational Strength


transformational leadership training

We work with leaders and their teams to develop the relational side of leadership, which we believe is foundational to success as a leader. We are certified to facilitate Transformational Leadership Training (TL). TL teaches not only the “what” of being an effective leader personally and professionally, but more importantly the “how” using a unique propriety system. TL provides leaders with strategies to handle the challenges associated with moving into new and increasingly more complex leadership roles and the relationships that affect those roles. Leaders will gain a better understanding of their approach to leadership and acquire new tools to optimize and sustain their potential.

After completing the training, leaders will be better prepared to:

  • Understand, recognize, and foster the leadership qualities that will help them manage process and lead people, rather than manage people by process.
  • Stay on the fast track, while dealing with new responsibilities and operating contexts
  • Build powerful relationships to achieve both professional and personal goals
  • Gain consensus and resolve conflict more quickly
  • Receive—and deliver—feedback that empowers them and their team
  • Lead effectively from anywhere in the organization
  • Develop swift problem solving and a common cultural language that allows for trust and dependability to emerge
  • Create opportunities for addressing high demands personally and professionally

We provide access to TL online (“TL On Demand”), which can be used for self-study at your own pace, or as part of one of our online groups. The online groups meet weekly for one hour for 12 weeks, or for 1.5 hours for 7 weeks, following the content and flow of TL On Demand with discussion around applying what is taught in the training modules. Visit our Events page for scheduled training sessions.

To explore more completely, call 614.902.3032, or send an email to, or fill out the Contact Us form to start the conversation.

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