Supplemental Marriage Programs and Services

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let us help you offer more for marriages

We work with pastors or other church leaders who want to support marriages for members of their congregation, but who don’t have the time or staff to provide the level of support they would like, or who want to do more than they are currently doing for marriages. Our services are tailored to the needs of each church within four categories:

We can provide these services on an ad hoc basis, or we can serve as your marriage ministry team, or we can help your team to set up a marriage ministry.

To explore more completely, call 614.902.3032, or send an email to Building@ReclaimingWholeness.Life, or fill out the Contact Us form to start the conversation.

Note: We do NOT provide counseling services and are NOT licensed counselors. Counseling may be another important aspect of marriage health. Our services are NOT intended to replace counseling or medical professionals.
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